Plukktruck Wheel Trolley Tower 2.0

Plukktruck utvikler spesielt for dekkhotell.




Storage of customer wheels is more and more often a question of exploiting the storage capacity best possible.

Many storage facilities are suitable for high tyre racks – the only challenge is to have a clever, safe and ergonomic way to get the tyres in and out of high tyre racks.

This is why we invented the Wheel Trolley Tower Lift – that can go as high as 6 meters up including 4 wheels on the front tool.

With this lift it is now possible to both collect from and place tyres into tyre racks with up to 8 levels.

If you click into the product below, you will learn more about the advantages of the Wheel Trolley Tower Lift.

And you will see, that with this lift you can store a great amount of tyres – high up in the air!